“Inndawgyi Lake”

Inndawgyi Lake is located at Moe-Hnyin in Kachin State. You may take by flight to Myitkyina (Kachin State) and then embark for a road trip to Inndawgyi Lake. In Inndawgyi Lake, you may observe resident water birds, migratory birds and forest dwelling birds such as Leopard, golden ct, the Malaya sun bear, gaur, wild cow, goral, sport-billed pelican, vulture, other water birds, (120) species of forest birds Myanmar peacock and soft-shell turtle are present.

Moeyungyi Wetlands

Each year millions of birds fly south from the northern hemisphere along the East Asia Australasian flyway to escape the winter weather. They stop to rest and feed in Asia, so the flyway contains a network of wetlands and it is one of which is cooperating to certain migrated and domestic birds.
Moyungyi Wetlands is about (120) km (approximately (2) hours drive from Yangon) north of Yangon at Pyin-Bon-Gyi village in Bago Division. Its area (103) square kilometers and built in 1898, it is a huge riverine wetlands transformed into water storage reservoir. Migratory birds use Moyungyi Wetlands as an important stopover as they fly vast distance across Asia. Sitting on the boat and watching birds fly across the blue sky is unforgettable experience. About (125) birds species of water birds have been documented at the sanctuary, including (75) species of migrants and resident water birds of the rest. Amongst the more prized varieties to spot are Little Swamphen, Spot Billed Pelican, Pheasant Tailed Jacana, Black Winged Stilt and Great Cormorant etc.
As for bird watching experts, the most favorable spotting time are late in the afternoon about 5:00 pm and early in the morning around 5:30 am, so it is best to stay at the sanctuary for two days. Quirky overnight accommodation in the form of nine boat-shaped timber bungalows provides visitors to be in the perfect position to watch the birds land in the evening and then take off again around dawn. If you would like to safe your time (you do not have the time visiting for (2) days), you may just take day trip around dawn.  It's enough trip to be satisfied and returns to Yangon.
Moreover, natives rely on traditional fishing. Apart from bird watching, visitors can observe the ways of life of natives, traditional fishing and flora in Wetlands.  The only managed bird watching wetlands in Myanmar welcome to Ecologists, Bird watches, professionals and Researchers and tourists.
We, Seven Diamond Express Travel be aware of our valued partners & customers; the best season to visit Moyungyi Wetlands from November to March.


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