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Irrawaddy Dolphins
There are many different kinds of animals and creatures on this planet but the whales and the dolphins ate unique as they are mammals living in the water. Approximately 80 species of whales and dolphins are now surviving. More than 6 species of dolphins inhabit in Myanmar which are Irrawaddy dolphin or known as orcaellebrevirostris in zoological name, living in freshwater and the most prominent and rare species among the dolphins can be seen at in the upper part of Ayeyarwady river.
The Irrawaddy dolphin (Orcaellabrevirostris ) is a relatively slow swimmer and has a total length of 200-250cm. It has a small dorsal fin with a rounded tip located slightly behind the middle of the back. The  dolphin's forehead is blunt and it has no beak. There is a distinct neck crease behind the head similar to the beluga whale that lives in the Arctic. Its coloration is grey overall with no distinctive markings but a slightly lighter belly. The tail stock is long, broad and very flexible. The dolphin surfaces in a rolling fashion and often lifts its flukes( tail fins) clear of the water for a deep dive. It is the only dolphin known to spit a stream of water from its mouth. This is probably used to help the animal catch fish and sometimes for social interactions. Newborn calves are born with their dorsal fin  folded over and orange colored fetal folds that appear as vertical stripes. The life span of Irrawaddy dolphins is estimated to be 30 to 50 years. The species generally occurs in small groups of 2-7 individuals but sometimes as many as 14. The dolphins live in murky waters of rivers and  estuaries in Southeast  and South Asia. Similar to bats and other dolphins, the Irrawaddy dolphin uses echolocation to find fish, navigate and interact  with each other. The animals feed on fish, shrimp and probably other crustaceans.
          Twenty Irrawaddy dolphins are now living between Mingun and KyautMyaung where the distance is about 74 kilometer(46 Miles). Those dolphin are used to going fishing with the fishermen from nearby SeinKyun, Aye Kyun, Sein Pan Kone, MyaySone, Myint Come Ma Gyi, Hinthama, SeaThae villages. These exceptional skill made them famous around the world.
          It is interesting to know the mutual relationship of co-operation fishing with the local fishermen.

Our Trip (Mandalay-MyaySwun-Mandalay)
          Our boat trip are 2 days and 1 night stop trip.
          First day, we are departure at Mandalay jetty and looking for the dolphins.And them we are sleep on boat at night.
          Second day, we are go to KyaukMyaung and visit to the professional life of the glaze. And them we are back to MDY  and visit the village along the river.
Draft itinerary of Irrawaddy dolphin Tour
Coverage : Mayan Chan jetty – Htone Bo Village – Sint Kuu small town – Kyauk Myaung Village – Mingun – Mayan Chan jetty
Duration : 2 Day / 1 Night
Period : Round year
Day (1): Embark from Ma Yan Chan jetty about (07:30-08:00) am. to observe Irrawaddy dolphin, proceed to Htone Gyi Village (approx: 8 & ½ hrs. drive). Overnight on board nearby Htone Gyi Village.
Day (2): Htone Gyi Village – Sint Kuu Village; visit pagoda on tiny island – Kyauk Myaung; observe making a glaze portery, return to Mandalay, en-route visit Mingun (if time permit).
# Please note that we may adjust the itinerary within the above mentioned place depends on Irrawaddy Dolphin  living places that generally, Irrawaddy Dolphin are living along the Ayewaddy River Mingun-Sint Kuu-Kyauk Myaung, as we could not grantee definite place of migrant Dophin. Furthermore, we can able to arrange if you may prefer to observe Dolphin on 1st day as per your preference after compromising with your guide and local professional fishermen, just for your information.
Our service
          For night stop tour and long trip can provide pillows, mosquito nets, blankets, mattress, towels and cold towels.
          NWT can also arrange breakfast, lunch and dinner( Chinese, Burmese and European food) upon request.


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